Performance and service in property affairs

For more than 30 years 3B has been an exemplar for performance and service in property affairs. Our efficiency is put to the test every day for large and small clients.

Located in Berlin you can also call in many states on our services around the clock. We are always there for you - and we are always there for you at your locality, with a team from our over 3,300 employees.


"Infrastructural Property Services" is the name of the business area in which 3B has specialized. With enthusiasm we take care of your properties and the people who live in them. 3B provides all of the services you want for your property, from one provider.

You can instruct us with both the cleaning of your property as well as its structural maintenance. 3B has the qualified staff available to take care of your garden areas and, during the winter, provide for safety.

Our concierge service leaves nothing more to be desired. We take care of your facilities just as autonomously as we carry out minor repairs. We can also take over the duties of your own concierge during sickness and annual leave periods, thus ensuring that you are always have sufficient well prepared personnel.

Our residential and reception service offers a special service precisely for large properties. Our motto here is "From person to person", where we offer your tenants or clients support in their daily lives and thereby provide a special convenience.

Janitorial Services

As your service provider we assume a special responsibility in terms of cleanliness. The spectrum of services offered here includes, in addition to the classical property cleaning, all services in and on the buildings.
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Hotel Service

3B reception service takes on the duties of a reception as well as those of a concierge service for large and small residential areas.
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Residential and Reception Service

3B reception service takes on the duties of a reception as well as those of a concierge service for large and small residential areas.
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Concierge Service

3B offers services around the clock on 365 days in the year, by a team of more than 100 janitors and home repair technicians with 40 workshop vehicles.
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Garden Care and Snow Clearance

Gritting and snow clearance in winter as well as new plantings and maintenance of green spaces in your residential areas.
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Building Maintenance

3B Services offers the maintenance or renovation of your properties or carries out conversions on properties to prepare them for new uses. Everything from one source!
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3B Dienstleistung Deutschland GmbH

Wolfensteindamm 9
12165 Berlin

Telefon: +4930.847 85 0
Telefax: +4930.847 85 200


Jörg Benthin
Thorsten Benthin
Timo Benthin
Daniel Noraman


Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg


HRB 19 678

Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer gemäß §27a Umsatzsteuergesetz

DE 136583104





Berlin, den 22.06.2017: Die 3B Dienstleistung Deutschland GmbH blickt auf 35 Jahre Firmengeschichte zurück.

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Berlin, den 07.06.2017: Zur fünften Hausdamenmesse in Folge luden die 3B Dienstleistungen und Greif Textile Mietsysteme am 27. April 2017 in das Schloss Charlottenburg ein.

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Berlin, 06.02.2017: Die 3B Dienstleistungsgruppe verzeichnet 2016 ein Umsatzwachstum von 10,2 Prozent.

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10.11.2016: 3B Dienstleistung Deutschland GmbH präsentiert die Champions League Heimspiele des ttc

Wie in der letzten Spielzeit engagiert sich die 3B Dienstleistung Deutschland GmbH auch in dieser Saison beim Berliner Tischtennisverein ttc berlin eastside.

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18.08.2016: Tischtennisdamen erhalten Silber bei Olympia!

Sie haben es geschafft: Die deutschen Tischtennisdamen haben bei den Olympischen Spielen in Rio den 2. Platz erreicht.

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